Fennel and Blood Orange Salad

Crunchy fennel and zesty blood oranges (regular oranges would certainly work just as well) are a heavenly combination together with the sweet acidity of balsamic vinegar, the slightly peppery taste of extra-virgin olive oil and the both buttery and tart flavour of walnuts. This sweet, aromatic flavour bomb is without a doubt one of my…

Sprouting Salad

Are you out of depth about what to do with your sprouts? Why not make a wonderfully colourful and crunchy salad mixed with raw veg and fresh herbs? Tuck in! Ingredients: For 2 portions Sprouts (e.g. sprouted Adzuki beans, chickpeas etc.), grown from 2 tbsp. of dried sprouting mix Alfalfa sprouts, grown from 1 tsp….