A confirmed Anglophile, I had been moving back and forth between Germany and Scotland for years before settling in London after graduating from university. I have always had a thing for food. If I’m not strolling across my local farmer’s market, you’ll most likely find me in the kitchen whipping up some new recipes and attending my important duties as taste tester. I love getting creative, and not just with food! My passions lie in DIY, English linguistics and learning about health, nutrition and the food industry. I have a weakness for flashy lipsticks, mugs, tote bags and cuddly blankets, and when I’m not busy writing recipes and photographing food, you can find me either practising yoga, reading books or exploring London on foot.

I hope you enjoy reading Danica Does!

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Contributions to other websites:

Danica Utermohlen has been a contributor for glotime.tv since March 2014.

Danica has been creating Parmesan recipes for Castelli, in cooperation with GloTIME, since December 2015.