Sprouting Salad

Are you out of depth about what to do with your sprouts? Why not make a wonderfully colourful and crunchy salad mixed with raw veg and fresh herbs? Tuck in! Ingredients: For 2 portions Sprouts (e.g. sprouted Adzuki beans, chickpeas etc.), grown from 2 tbsp. of dried sprouting mix Alfalfa sprouts, grown from 1 tsp….


Yoghurt is an incredibly versatile food, to be consumed as a dessert, added to savoury dishes and even to function as a skin care product. Certainly, I am not talking about those sugary, fruit-flavoured concoctions, but simple and plain probiotic yoghurt. Still, there is wide variety – full-fat, low-fat, creamy, strained, Greek-style, organic, non-organic and…